Spiritual Place of the Month: Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury.

Chalice well and Gardens, Glastonbury. Believed to be one of the oldest wells in great Britain, The Chalice Well is considered a holy and spiritual place to many. Ensconced at the base of Glastonbury Tor and surrounded by incredible gardens and orchards, the Well is famed for its constantly flowing waters which vary in neither […]

Spring Awakening, Cleansing Rituals.

Winter can be a difficult time and can stay with us long into the new year. However, spring is not only the time that nature is given to re-awaken and brighten the sometimes dreary world, but also an opportunity for us to begin again and leave the trials of the previous year and winter behind. […]

Valentines Day means Love for Everyone.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it is important to remember that the aim of the celebration is to express love, not just to our partners but to the whole world. Crystals have been used for healing and positive energy for centuries, they can also be used to send out love.  Here are some extracts […]

A Meditation For A New Year

After all the work and excitement of the Christmas Season, it is nice to take some time to meditate and allow your body and mind to settle down and rest for a while. Meditation allows you to get in touch with your deeper self and notice thoughts and inspiration that you may not usually be […]

A Time for Celebration

The end of December marks a time of celebration for many cultures. The Solstice is recognised worldwide, and is marked by many. In the Northern Hemisphere it is the longest night of the year, and in the Southern Hemisphere it is the longest day of the year. In the UK, this years’ Winter Solstice takes […]

Thoughts about Angels.

We are all familiar with angels in Art – the pictures and statues of angels, and we will have heard about them, it is a popular idea. Also, we will all have our own ideas about angels and what they are. Various religions refer to Angels in their teachings. For example; In Islam There are […]

An Adventure in Somerset.

My partner and I recently returned from a holiday in Somerset, where we hired a cottage in beautiful Glastonbury. The myths and legends of Camelot, King Arthur and Spiritualism were some of our main reasons for wanting to explore the legendary area known by many names: Isle of Avalon, the Mendips, Avon. I wasn’t sure […]

Building Inner Strength

We all face challenges, some tougher than others. As humans we have a tendency to attempt a comparison between our own challenges and those of others; are other people’s challenges worse than ours? As much as we don’t like to admit it, there is comfort is knowing that you are facing less strife than another […]

Human Connections

I’m sure that we have all felt frustration at other human beings from time to time. Sometimes other people are just no help, seem to have no compassion, or show no gratitude. I must confess that I have always struggled with my dislike of other humans, I find it very hard to not tell someone […]

The rise of “Spiritual, but not Religious”

There are many people these days who feel they would fit into the category “Spiritual, but not Religious”. Where as in previous years being spiritual would automatically be linked to Spiritualism and therefore -by extension- religion, these days it is far more widely “accepted” (for want of a better term) to just be a spiritual […]